Euro Lottery | Lottery Syndicate

An increasing number of people now play the lottery as part of a syndicate. There are different types of euro lottery syndicate, from a group of workmates, family members and friends to the syndicates of unrelated individuals on the elottery.

One of the main lotteries where people play in a lottery syndicate is the European lottery. The European lottery pays out big winnings, much more than the lottery in the UK and people in syndicates stand more chance of winning the lottery according to some research.

One of the reasons that lottery syndicates stand more chance of winning lottery millions than the individual is because syndicates are often given the chance to play extra tickets – the more tickets you play the more chances you have of winning the lottery, which is why syndicates seem to do better in the winning stakes.

The Euro Lottery

Elottery syndicates are becoming more popular in the UK because they allow people to undertake all of their lottery business online, which means they don’t even have to go to the local shop to get themselves a ticket.

Playing in a syndicate does seem to increase a person’s chance of getting their hands on a lottery prize and most people who do this have nothing but good to say about the system.

You may have to share your personal winnings with every other member of the syndicate, but then again whenever someone else in the syndicate wins, you get a share of that. Syndicates tend to open up your options for winning, you might not get such a large individual payout, but you are more likely to get some kind of payout if you play the lottery in a syndicate than if you play on your own.

Statisticians will tell you that figures are always better when a person is part of a group than if they are doing something on their own. Lottery research suggests that around two thirds of lottery winners are members of a syndicate, which makes it two to one on an individual winning. Two to one may not seem like large odds but when you think that the general odds on winning the Euro lottery are 76 million to one, and then the difference is quite significant.

The amount that you might win as part of a syndicate may be much lower than what you would win as an individual, but as you are twice as likely to win when you are part of a syndicate, several lower amounts of money can soon add up to a more significant sum. Lotteries run jackpots and performance initiatives for syndicates, options which may not be open to the individual.

In England, the lotteries council keeps a database of syndicates which you can check out if you want to join one. Keeping syndicates on a register means that the group of individuals involved and their way of dealing with any winnings is open and above boars. Joining a registered syndicate makes sense if you are not in a syndicate with family or friends, and who knows, it might be your syndicate that has the next big win!

More about Eurolottery

The universal law of attraction has a word on self belief which translates to the fact that if one has faith that one is lucky, it will be reflect in the way luck would attract him. One of the most interesting ways to see money grow on our home-turf is to participate and win lotteries, seemingly an easy task with no labour whatsoever!

Euro lottery is a pan-European lottery launched by Françoise des Jeux, the Loteriasy Apuestas del Estrado in Spain and lotteries of Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland. It is one of the most popular and trustworthy lottery with the powerful backing of the lottery network.

The chance of willing is staked at 1:24 which by all means is considered a safe proposition! Euro millions lottery draws have the adrenaline rush on Fridays, the time when the draws are announced are at 7:30pm, United Kingdom local time. The draws take place in Paris.

Euro lottery can be played online where the individual enters his chosen numbers into the virtual ticket which is presented on the homepage. The number follows a list of instructions after which the player is made to choose numbers from 2 boxes. For the first box, the player chooses 5 luck Euro numbers from Box 1(numbers 1-50) and 2 lucky stars from second box.

A member continues to follow some more instructions after selecting the “continue” options.
The entered entries are captured with the first available Euro lottery. The player should enter within the stipulated time available (there is a display of cut off time) to enter the lucky number. The entries have to submitted within the deadline otherwise does not find an inclusion in that draw.

A player is declared a winner and can claim a share in the main euro jackpot prize if the lucky numbers match the first 5 main numbers and 2 lucky stars. The player can collect their prize money through online remittance automatically. A standard ticket just costs €2.00 for every line played and costs €3 when played with the plus option. The top jackpot amount a player wins is €130 million and the best aspect of this lottery is that it is tax free! The player could also opt for playing sweepstakes where he purchases more than 1 ticket and becomes a part of the draw, which is chosen by the system.

Believe in the magic potion of self belief that you too can be a magnet to money. Splurge in lottery and enjoy your participation! Your Fridays can’t get any better!